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How it works

Realise your Fishingdream!

Maybe you've dreamed of going somewhere to fish but is stopped by the costs. If you by becoming a member of can get costs down to only travel maybe your dream trip come true.

The purpose of Friendsinfishing is to give you who are interested in fishing an opportunity to connect with other fishing enthusiasts. By becoming a member of the site, you will have access to a database of fishermen from other parts of the world. When you've found your new friend you go visiting him/her as a guest and only pay your travelling costs and fishing license fees. In return you accept to take your host as a guest.

You may, if you wish, come to other solutions regarding an exchange. In that case it's up to the members to do these agreements.

How do you create an account?

Press the Join now button. Fill in the form with your name, address, country etc. and click send. Then you will receive a payment note from PayPal where you pay your membership to When your payment is confirmed, you will receive a receipt on your payment and your password.

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